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The Uprise is an independently owned, brick and mortar skateboard, disc golf and culture shop that has been serving Corvallis, Oregon and the Willamette Valley since 2006.
Monday - Friday : 11am – 7pm
Saturday : 12pm – 7pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm
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Whether you need a new park board, a new downhill longboard setup, or just something to cruise around, The Uprise has you covered. We carry a large selection of quality decks, trucks, wheels and accessories for all types of riding levels. We also carry helmets, pads, slide gloves and anything else you might need.
Looking to get more involved in the longboard or downhill scene and don't know where to meet up?

Check out the links section of our website for more information on upcoming events and to meet up for sessions.
Questions, comments, or need more Information? Here's how to reach us:

Our Address:
1110 Northwest Van Buren Ave.
Corvallis, OR 97330

Phone Us: 541.754.4257
Email us:
Our Blog:


The Uprise Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11am - 7pm
Saturday: 12pm - 7pm
Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

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The Uprise carries an eclectic mix of counter culture products including: hemp clothing, counter culture literature, locally made art and glass, jewelry, incense, as well as percussion instruments, tapestry and custom handmade clothing.
Shay Sullivan

Name: Shay Sullivan

Year You Were Born: 1991

Hometown: The Village

What's your go to ride? The Ladies

Favorite place to skate: Albany

How long have you been skating? Forever

Favorite Beer / drink: Green Tea

What are you best known for? I don't even know?

Best trick combo: Ollie to Land

Kevin Solomon

Name: Kevin Solomon

Year You Were Born: 1988

Hometown: no comment

What's your go to ride? Dodge Neon

Favorite place to skate: Everything

How long have you been skating? since '99

Favorite Beer / drink: PBR all day / tequila sunrise

What are you best known for? I don’t like that question

Other: Get rad!

Joe Goesman

Name: Joe Goesman

Year You Were Born: 1995

Where you're from: Alpine, OR

Sponser-me dreams? Anti-Hero

Favorite place to skate: Janky Spots

Favorite drink: Smoke, don't sip

What are you best known for? Moppin the floor

Other: Go Traipsin!

David Mitchell
Photo by Eric Hovey • ERICHOVEY.COM

Name: David Mitchell

Year You Were Born: 1986...when a gallon of gas was 89 cents!
Hometown: Keizer, Oregon!

What's your go to ride? LongBoardLarry Penguin. Slight drop, Lots of Protos. Probably just some Randals and some wheels to THRASH on NW passage!

Competitions attended?
PUSH RACES: King of the Forest CHAMP!, Portland Pushers 5-10 (most top 3), Annie Ross Open, Dive for the Pearl, Portland Pushers 5-10 (most top 3), Astoria Skate Races, and Boone to Bush Night Race
DOWNHILL EVENTS: Maryhill Festival of Speed '07, '08, '09 (best 16th in 2008), Danger Bay '07. Cathlamet Corral '09, McNarlee Outlaw, Burnside Bomb Outlaw, Gibson Outlaw, ZooBomb Races, Switchbacks Series. Northwest Slopestyle Series(Organizer)

Favorite place to skate?
PORTLAND...maybe Malibu of course....Lincoln City and DREAMLAND skateparks, little bowls/ramps, VANCOUVER. Europe? HAWAIIIIII oh so sick....

How long have you been skating?
I could kick-flip in 6th grade. Then I stopped. Then I started seriously again in about 2004

What are you best known for?
Tall, gangly, goofy, falling-over, drooling skate style. Kind of like Ryan Sorenson. Oh yeah, maybe smelly Salem, but I'm from Keizer.

Patrick Haluska
Photo by Kevin Smith • IMAGESMITH.ORG

Name: Patrick Haluska

Born: 1986

Hometown: Portland, OR

What's your go to ride? My Landyachtz Dinghy

Competitions attended?
Cathlamet Downhill Corral 2009 placed 7th; 2010 got to quarter finals, Marryhill Festival of Speed 2010, Ride the Giant 2010

Favorite place to skate: Giants Head!

How long have you been skating? Since 2001

Favorite Beer / drink: Ninkasi total domination

What are you best known for? Crashing in Eric Hovey's videos...and you know you want to see it so here's the closely at 2:34!

Eric Hovey
Photo by Kevin Smith • IMAGESMITH.ORG

Name: Eric Hovey

Year You Were Born: 1982 - The Year of E.T.!

Hometown: Portland, OR

What's your go to ride? Eastside Rocky Bomber

Competitions attended?
DOWHNILL EVENTS: Danger Bay 6 (top 44), Maryhill Festival of Speed 2007, 2008, Vernon DH 2009, Sullivan's Challenge 2009 (top 24), Ditch Slap 2010, Cathlamet Downhill Corral 2009, 2010, Rocky Butte Outlaw 2009 - 2nd Place, Gibson Road Outlaw 2008 - 3rd Place, Switchbacks Series, NW Slopestyle Series.
PUSH RACES: Seattle Push Race 2009 - 2nd Place, Portland Pushers 5 - 10 (top ten in most of them), Annie Ross Open, Bush To Boone Salem Pusher, Dive to the Pearl, Puget Island Push Race

Favorite place to skate: Giants Head in Summerland, BC, or Maryhill

How long have you been skating? Longboards and standup slides since 2000

Favorite Beer: Ninkasi Total Domination

What are you best known for? Creating a lot of the skate race posters and some skate videos here and there, and the Eastside Longboards graphics.

Cooper Raasch
Photo by Eric Hovey • ERICHOVEY.COM

Name: Cooper Raasch

Born: 1986

His Story: Cooper was born in the great wilderness of Mt. Hood, raised by penguins and tribal warriors he learned at a young age the art of longboarding fresh hills. He now seeks the gnar and will not rest until it is found. Midgets praise him, bikers hate him... he is the CoopDeville!

Mike Quinn

Name: “Mad” Mike Quinn

Year You Were Born: 2441787.45211- on the Julian calendar

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa

What’s your go to ride? Subsonic Reflex, LBL Penguin

Competitions attended?
DOWHNILL EVENTS: PDX series races 2008, Cathlamet Downhill Corral 2009, 2010, Rocky Butte Outlaw 2009, Switchbacks Series, NW Slopestyle Series, Corvallis Outlaw races.
PUSH RACES: Annie Ross Open, Corvallis Open

Favorite place to skate: The planet earth

How long have you been skating? Not long enough

Favorite Beer: The free kind

What are you best known for? Making everyone else look short.

Frank Franklin
Photo by Kevin Smith • IMAGESMITH.ORG

Name: Frank Franklin

Born: A while Ago...

I come from the land of MONGO to shred hills and pump transitions. I have been skating since before your mom got the "good" idea to have you...and I still suck at it. Wear your helmet you tool! The Ultimate Pair of Socks has spoken - Skate hard !

- Frank Franklin

Jeremy Johnson

Name: Jeremy Johnson

Born: We're not sure yet...

Hometown: We don't really know that yet either...

Hobbies: Not writing Bios?

The Uprise carries everything you need to get started disc golfing. Choose from one of the most diverse selections of discs available in Corvallis. We carry an assortment of disc golf bags, towels, portable baskets and accessories. A full selection of drivers, mid-range and putters are available in all plastic styles and we carry products from Innova, Discraft, Millennium Golf Discs, Gateway Disc Sports, and a good selection of Ultimate Frisbees.
Innova baskets are $140.00 and the DGA baskets are $150.00 if you buy just one or $130.00 each if you buy two or more. Also the NutSac bags come in sizes small (top right) and large (bottom right).